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of the Month:

Borj Rayhane | Sbai Freres

For Sale

A New, modern, and furnished apartment for sale! Located near the beach in Tangier

930 000 DH

Ibn Batoutta Building

For Sale/ Rent

it's spacious and greatly located, right in the center of the city, with a view over the bright blue ocean.

1,229,000 Dhs⁣

Borj Deyae | Sbai Freres

For Sale

Borj Deyae provides many floor plans for both, apartments and offices. The apartment is spacious, elegant and full of light.

1,140,000 Dhs

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—  Cody Pope, Regional manager

Robert is a vigorous and intentional leader. He exudes passion and sincerity in his work and life. I am continually impressed with his dedication to better himself and the world around him. His work ethic is only matched by a very select few. I am extremely glad to call him my friend and colleague.” 


Can I purchase property as a foreigner? How?

Yes, foreign investment in real estate is common practice and a significant driver for the economy in Morocco. However, establishing a team of professionals (i.e. agent, notary, lawyer) is advised to avoid fraudulent, tedious, or even costly transactions

Is a 2nd home or vacation home in Tangier a good investment?

Yes. Here are some factors that will help your investment accomplish the goals you have in mind. Location, more than any other factor, will determine the quality of your investment. Searching in well established, city center and urban areas that have convenient access to shops, dining, and the city's amenities will ensure that your investment will continue to grow in value over time. Finding a professional manager will increase the return on your investment year over year while also providing detailed insight into market trends for your specific property that help determine when is the best time to sell or not.

What the first step of the home buying process?

Understand the why and consult with an agent or someone you can trust that is knowledgeable about the process. Buying a home can be many things: fulfilment of a dream, an investment, a blessing. But, doing it the wrong way can turn a dream into a stressful nightmare. Getting clear on why you want to buy a home (i.e. financially able and stable to move from renting to homeownership, my family will thrive better with more space, I am prepared to invest in something that will grow in value over time) will help bring clarity and prepare you for the process of buying your home.

How long does it take to buy a home?

Setting your move-in date is exciting, so it’s important to understand the timeline so you that excitement doesn’t turn into frustration. Allow up to 6 weeks for property selection and 2-4 weeks from the time you select the property for purchase until you move in. Important to remember to give proper notice to avoid unnecessary fees if currently renting. Your research can start with free resources online and ultimately result in the selection a high quality (your best interest at heart) experienced (has transacted multiple times in the past year) professional (not your brother's friend's uncle's golf buddy) real estate agent to assist in the process (saves time and money). Some important things to keep in mind: set aside 1-2 days per week to view properties, be realistic with expectations, be decisive.

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Robert Cotten
the founder and lead agent at BIG

After nearly 10 years of practical work experience in various roles, servicing Fortune 500 companies (Dell, Apple, Shell Oil, Google) and managing multimillion summer programs with over 500 team members across 300 locations across multiple major US markets, I transitioned with my family to Tangier in the fall of 2019 with plans to launch BIG in the summer of 2020.

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